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The Employer Hub delivers a co-ordinated, bespoke training and recruitment service.

Working with a number of key local agencies, each a specialist within the training and employment field, the Employer Hub will provide a comprehensive service designed to meet the needs of employers without multi-agency confusion. We will provide an integrated recruitment support package to employers that is cost effective and coherent. The benefits include

  • Reduced administration costs for employers
  • Access to a wide labour pool
  • Flexible interview and training venues
  • Provision of enthusiastic, high calibre local candidates with the right skill sets
  • Bespoke pre-employment training packages
  • Advertisement of employment opportunities at no additional costs

All vacancies being recruited to through the Employer Hub, including those for the NET Phase 2 project, can be viewed at

Our Vision

Our mission is to create a coordinated, seamless, bespoke recruitment and training service that matches the supply and demand of the labour market in Nottingham city.

Our primary aim is to develop, deliver and sustain a multi agency approach that ensures local people benefit from Nottingham's changing labour market and apprenticeship opportunities.

Our model will engage with residents via local 3rd sector, voluntary, private and public sector organisations including those residents who reside in our most disadvantaged wards.

Employer Hub Package

The Employer hub offers a menu of recruitment solutions from bespoke pre-employment training to simply signposting employers to meet their recruitment needs

Packages can be made up of any or all of the below services

  • Targeted promotion of employment/apprenticeship opportunities
  • Promoting vacancies with key partners; Jobcentre Plus and the Work Programme providers
  • Promote vacancies via 3rd sector, voluntary organisations and community groups
  • Access to employer pool database and supply chain information
  • Referral co-ordination
  • Relevant and bespoke pre-employment training across all sectors
  • Coordination of selection/open days and jobs fairs
  • Coordination of literacy and numeracy testing with local Further Education colleges based in Nottingham
  • Sifting, screening and matching of applicants against employer specifications
  • Sending of interview and assessment letters to applicants
  • Co-ordination of interview venue, times and dates
  • Hosting and assistance with interviews
  • Reference checking
  • CRB checks
  • Post-appointment support for Employer Hub sourced employees
  • Assistance with premises via the Invest in Nottingham team
  • Information on Nottingham's labour market intelligence and skill sets

This approach can be applied to each sector providing a tailored recruitment service to meet the needs of any business.

Dedicated Account Manager and Co-ordinator

Every employer will be provided with a dedicated account manager and co-ordinator for both the construction and operational phase. The coordinator will provide employers with strong links into Nottingham and provide a single point of contact.

The account manager will develop a bespoke package around the employers' needs and provide support throughout the whole process by co-ordinating open and selection days and connecting the employer into Nottingham's mainstream services.

Connecting Local People to Local Employment

There are several dedicated community based organisations funded by Nottingham City Council across the city engaging with local people. The Employer Hub service includes working in partnership work with all such organisations, accessing their databases of local candidates and increasing the labour pool available to the employer. This partnership would be managed by the account manager.

Layers of engagement can be implemented to ensure that those communities closest to any specific development or opportunity are given priority but a wider pool can also be accessed if appropriate for the employers' labour and skills requirements.

Pre Employment Training

Despite having the right attitude or motivation, some jobseekers may require additional training and skills development to become "job ready" in order to access the employment opportunities on offer. Tailored pre-employment training based on specific employer needs can be embedded into the package to address this.

The co-ordinator will liaise with the relevant employer, firstly to establish what attributes and skills are required, and secondly to create, in partnership with training providers, a bespoke training package that caters for the needs of the employer.

Where applicable, the Employer Hub will work with the Skills Funding Agency to access appropriate funding packages to support training costs and other expenses such as child care or travel expenses if a financial contribution is not stipulated in the relationship between employers and the Employer Hub.

Employers could also support the training by offering work experience placements, visits and guaranteed interviews for successful trainees.

The Employer Hub aims are to meet the recruitment demands and needs of employers and investors in Nottingham. By using the services of the Employer Hub, employers will realise cost savings in recruitment, be offered high quality local candidates, and meet corporate social responsibility objectives by supporting local people into employment.

Contact the Employer Hub

To find out more about the Employer Hub please contact the team on 0115 876 4508 or email at

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