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Early Intervention Horizon Scanning

Here is a set of links to the Early Intervention discussion nationally and internationally that is influencing Nottingham's work

Early Intervention: The Next Steps

An independent report to Her Majesty's Government by Graham Allen MP, underlining that many of the costly and damaging social problems for individuals can be eliminated or reduced by giving children and parents the right type of evidence based programmes 0-18 and especially in their earliest years.

Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings

The second report from Graham Allen, MP on behalf of Her Majesty's Government, setting out how we can pay for early intervention programmes within existing resources and by attracting new non-government money.

Troubled Families

Department for Education press notice.

Government Online - Early Intervention Foundation

Nottingham City Council is highly supportive of this consortium.

Supporting Families in the Foundation Years

Department for Education paper summarising the Government's vision for the foundation years. Explaining why it is important to focus on child development and how parents and families should be placed at the heart of services.

The Foundation Years: Preventing Poor Children Becoming Poor Adults

Report of the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances, conducted by Frank Field MP, setting out a new approach to meeting the Government's target of abolishing child poverty.

Grasping the Nettle: early intervention for children, families and communities

A practice guide by C4EO to the challenges and opportunities in supporting children, families and communities through early intervention, based on effective local, national and international practice.

Marmot Review: Fair Society Healthy Lives

Review proposing an evidence based strategy to address the social determinants of health, the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age and which can lead to health inequalities. Drawing attention to the evidence that most people in England aren't living as long as the best off in society and spend longer in ill-health.

Putting People First

Department of Health publication setting out the shared aims and values guiding the transformation of adult social care.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Academic researcher and speaker on developmental psychology. Focusing on the science of children's early years, understanding how relationships shape brain development and making this knowledge understandable to parents, professionals and policymakers.

Dartington Social Research Unit

An independent charity dedicated to improving the health and development of children through innovation, expertise, research and dissemination of high quality evidence to an international audience, including informing policy making and practice.

The Munro Review of Child Protection

An independent review of child protection in England, setting out recommendations to help to reform the child protection system.

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